The hill fort Gripeberg

Adresse: Fylleryd, 355 92 Växjö Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Fylleryd, 355 92 Växjö

The hill fort Gripeberg is situated near Sandsbro, in the northern part och Växjö and it is a mountain peak, with dips and walls.

The hill fort was probably built and used during the bronze age, between 1600 and 400 BC The stones inside the walls look like graves from the bronze age. Gripeberg seems to be a monumental, cultic place. In the area around Gripeberg, you can find several agricultural relics, graves, rock carvings and probably also some living areas from the bronze age. Today, Gripeberg is an ancient remain in a nature reserve, where a lot of people take walks. The only thing visible above ground are the flat rocks from the ice age and the bronze age-walls surrounding the mountain peak. All the traces are buried below ground.

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