Biking on trails: tricky trail biking along lake Helgasjön

Adresse: Hissö Naturreservat, 352 63 VÄXJÖ Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Hissö Naturreservat, 352 63 VÄXJÖ

Life on two wheels can be very different. Apart from the flat asphalt, Växjö has loads of fantastic biking trails, ready to be discovered by those who like either technical biking, the smell of nature or just playgrounds near the city for adult bikers.

Just north of Växjö, you can find a lot of technical trail biking which you can put together to a really nice tour. Biking from the center gives you a warm-up, and then you can start biking on the trails around Pene. The tour then continues on towards the nature reserve Hissö, with faster biking on the eastern side and trickier biking on the western side. From Hissö, you continue on the ridge of Evedal, called Evedalsåsen. There you find to high ground-parts with nice ridge-biking towards Evedal and Hov's pond. After biking once around the pond, you might be up for doing it all again and bike the tour backwards. You can also bike home towards the center of the city. Whatever you choose, your legs will be tired after the challenges of trail biking!

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