Running: Växjöloppetbanan, 10 km

Adresse: Södra Esplanaden 2, 352 34 VÄXJÖ Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Södra Esplanaden 2, 352 34 VÄXJÖ

The athletic city Växjö has a lot of running events including swim run, triathlon and multisport. There are many running tracks and forests close to the city to choose from. Many of the running tracks are lit during the evenings. If you want to experience your running in a more adventurous way, try wearing a head lamp. Then you are ready for heading out in the forest, away from the city lights, finding your own path in the nature.

An alternative route to Växjöåttan, around Växjö's central lakes Växjösjön and Trummen. Except for the lovely tour around Växjösjön, the tour leads you into the beautiful nature reserve Bokhultet, on both dirt road as well as asphalt.

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