Nature reserve Gårdsby-Hemmesjö Bökeskog

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The nature reserve Gårdsby and Hemmasjö Bökeskog is a 65 ha big are, which consists of beech forests, pastureland and old meadows. Bökeskogen has beautiful surroundings with its beech trees and all its old trees.

Dendrochronological studies in Bökeskogen have shown up to 200 years in tree age. A very special cryptogam flora (moss and lichen), with a great number of endangered species, grows on the old beeches.
Apart from the beech forests, there are beautiful meadows with birch trees and juniper bushes, as well as rests of old meadows with an important flora. The reserve is situated near the two lakes Hinnasjön and Lövsjön. You can also find traces of humans, such as clearance cairns.

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