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Exhibition at Småland museum: Art collection

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Attractions, Exhibitiond, Galleries and art The museum's art collection has been growing over a long period of time.

Exhibition at Småland Museum: Coin cabinet

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Attractions, Exhibitiond The coin cabinet at Småland Museum was founded already in 1792. During it's early years, it was supported by the bishop Olof Wallquist.

Exhibition at Småland museum: On the way to 19th-century Kronoberg

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Attractions, Exhibitiond During the 19th century, Smålands museum, the country's oldest province museum, emerged.

Exhibition at Småland Museum: Växjö during the turn of the century 1900

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Attractions, Exhibitiond During the turn of the century 1900, Växjö was a small town with 7365 inhabitants.

Exhibition at Sweden's Glass Museum: Swedish Glass through six centuries 2.0

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Attractions, Exhibitiond, Galleries and art In new colors, a new location and expanded with historical furniture from the museum's collection!

Exhibition in Sweden's glass museum: Longe live Kosta!

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Attractions, Exhibitiond This 275-years jubilee exhibition highlights glass, factories as well as people.

Exhibition in the House of Emigrants: Moberg room

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Attractions, Exhibitiond The Vilhelm Moberg room is a reconstruction of the author's writing cottage.

Italienska Palatset

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Galleries and art, Exhibitiond Artistic center with gallery, studios and workshops.

Kulturarvcentrum Småland

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Museums, Exhibitiond Kulturarvcentrum Småland has libraries, archives and collections.

Öja local history museum

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Heritage museums, Exhibitiond The museum has two exhibitions; one with industrial history and one with toys.

Snugge - the birthplace of opera singer Christina Nilsson

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Attractions, History and culture, Museums [...] Snuggle, near Huseby, is the birthplace of the famous opera singer Christina Nilsson.

The archive of Kronoberg

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Museums, Exhibitiond A big archive with things from Kronoberg.

The House of Emigrants

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Museums, Exhibitiond The House of Emigrants in the center of Växjö shows the period of Emigration 1850 to 1930.

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