Biking on trails: A playground with trails near the city

Address: Bokhultet, 352 59 Växjö Show map

Address: Bokhultet, 352 59 Växjö

Outside of the flat asphalt, Växjö has loads of fantastic biking trails to offer.

Life on two wheels can be very different. Apart from the flat asphalt, Växjö has loads of fantastic biking trails, ready to be discovered by those who like either technical biking, the smell of nature or just playgrounds near the city for adult bikers.

You can find nice trails for biking just 10 minutes away from the center of the city. Head for Arenastaden and you are there. On the other side of the railway, near I11, there are a couple of marked trails suitable for those who prefer less technical biking or want to bike fast. There are a lot of people taking their dogs in the area so please have that in mind!

Bike on along the Växjö Runt-trail in a southern direction towards the fast trails in the beech forest in the nature reserve Bokhultet by Sundet (the Narrow). The crossroads have signs so it is difficult to get lost. Just in south-east direction from Växjö you can find a fun trail. One half of it goes on a ridge, which can be a bit tricky. The other part is suitable for both beginners and children, while the trail closer to the lake is more suitable for experienced bikers. After biking in this paradise, you can bike until you are exhausted at Kalahöjden in the southern part of the town. From the bottom of the old skiing slope, there is a dirt road that goes all the way to the top. From there, you can go on beautiful trails in a forest with beech trees. You can finish the tour by biking downhill in the right end of the hill, filled with roots and holes in the ground. After that, you can bike towards the center again.

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