Climbing: Sundet

Address: Bokhultet, 352 59 Växjö Show map

Address: Bokhultet, 352 59 Växjö

You can find everything you desire when it comes to bouldering here.

Where the Southern and Northern part of Bergundasjön meet, in the nature reserve Bokhultet, you can both fish, run and bike, but also try bouldering. The area Värnkullen, named after the parapet on the top, has all you can desire when it comes to bouldering. There are problems in different degrees of difficulty here.

If you are looking for an activity that is free, makes the family work out and is fun, then bouldering might be what you are looking for. Bouldering is climbing on boulders or small rock walls. You never climb high enough to need a safety harness or a rope. Instead, you use crash pads, a mattress, which makes you land softly if you fall. To minimize the risk, climb with a friend who can stand on the ground, ready to catch you if you fall. A particular path to the top of the boulder is called a problem, and they come in different degrees of difficulty. You can use climbing shoes and chalk, but untender shoes is good enough. There is no age-limit for bouldering. Fresh air, strength, flexibility and problem-solving ability is what you get from doing it.

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