Nature reserve Hågeryd

Address: Hågeryd Lilla Södregård, 355 93 Växjö Show map

Address: Hågeryd Lilla Södregård, 355 93 Växjö

Nature reserve with mowed meadows and pastures.

The nature reserve Hågeryd was founded to preserve the grounds that belonged to the two brothers Erik and Sigvard, who have been on television. You can find mowed meadows, a pen with birch trees and a rich flora, just waiting to be discovered.

Erik and Sigvard never used modern machines while farming, but used old, traditional methods instead, such as mowing the meadows with a scythe. Mowing meadows this way increases the biodiversity and therefore, the county administrative board has taken other the management to make sure that the biodiversity is kept. Therefore, it was made a nature reserve in 2016. There is a path with blue markings which you can follow and at the same time admire the species richness and feel the history of the place. There is also a parking lot, signs with information and coffee tables. The butterflies beat with their colorful wings over the meadows and pasture lands and the orchids heath-spotted orchid, lesser butterfly-orchid and common twayblade. Devil's-bit, greater knapweed and viper's-grass are other plants that thrive on the meadows. When it comes to trees, there are elm trees, ashes and maple trees, and furthermore, there are trimmed lime trees and a hill filled with birch trees, where Erik and Sigvard used to tap sap. The water that flows in the ground in this area is rich in minerals, which has caused this diversity of plants in Hågeryd.

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