Nature reserve Bokhultet - the bee paradise

Address: Gamla Bäckaslövsvägen, 352 36 Växjö Show map

Address: Gamla Bäckaslövsvägen, 352 36 Växjö

In the nature reserve Bokhultet, there is a bee paradise filled with flowers and bees!

Biparadiset, the bee paradise, is an excursion goal where you can learn more about bees and what you can do yourself to support them, and it is situated in the nature reserve Bokhultet, in the southern part of Växjö. This area used to belong to the regiment I11, which is now closed. The bee paradise was founded in 2010 after an inventory of species showed that the area is rich in species. You can actually find up to 90 species of bees here, and some of them are uncommon. But it not just bees who thrive in the area - there are also butterflies here, such as purple emperor, poplar admiral and smoky moths, and also sphecoid wasps and spider wasps. Since bees need different environments to prosper, the bee paradise consists of different parts. First, there is the meadow, which is a mowed meadow filled with field scabious, bluebells and trefoils. Secondly there is the hilly part, with plants like heather, bitter vetch, woundwort and wolf's bane. And thirdly, the sandy part with blue bonnets, catsear, common bird's-foot trefoil and hare's-foot clover. Apart from that, there is also a pond, where devil's-bit and wild angelica grows. There are also a lot of trees and bushes in the area, since bees need not only flowers, but also hawthorn, apple trees, glaucous dog rose, blackthorn, maple trees, lime trees and goat willow, for example.

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