Biking: Hemmesjörundan, 35 km

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 Växjö Show map

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 Växjö

A biking tour from Växjö to Hemmsjö, passing Åryd and Teleborg on the way.

The start of this tour goes through the old villages Högstorp and Hollstorp, situated along the old country road between Växjö and Kalmar. The path goes through beautiful meadows and greenyards.

Soon, you see the small 12th century church with the "ghost" in the church wall, and inside the church, you can find the beautiful medieval madonna. The symbols on the baptismal font have an exciting history.

Through the open landscape, you then bike on towards the old farm village at the lake Årydsjön, which has a rich industrial history. In the village Tegnaby, which gave name to the poet and bishop Esaias Tegnér, lies and old school. You can also find traces of glass making there and an old cemetery.

On the way back to Växjö, you bike alongside the old railway, then around the water tower in Teleborg and from there on to lands which were farmed many years ago. Teleborgs Castle and the University are also situated there.

The biking tour is around 35 km, and passes the following villages/ places: Växjö Center - Högstorp - Hollstorp - Hemmesjö - Åryd - Tofta - Tegnaby - Bramstorp - Skir - Vattentornet Teleborg - Universitetet - Teleborgs Slott - Sigfridsområdet - Växjösjön - Växjö Center.

Bicycle maps are for sale at the tourist office in Växjö.

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