Nature reserve Notteryd

Address: Notteryds Naturreservat, 355 92 Växjö Show map

Address: Notteryds Naturreservat, 355 92 Växjö

Notteryd is situated near Växjö and is important when it comes to recreation and outdoor life.

In the area, you can find among many other things, the hill fort Gripeberg.

The area has a rich cultural history. For example, you can find the only hill fort in the county here, which is Gripeberg. It was built already during the bronze age, and modern archeological excavations show that it might have been used as a fenced in grave and cult area. The nature reserve has high natural values with its open grasslands and forests with old and moulded trees. The area has historically been used as a military training area, which has left the forests untouched by modern forestry. The military's impact on the forest has also left it sparse and light. The storms during the last years has windthrown a lot of trees, mostly fir trees. The forests consists of pine trees and blueberries grow on the ground. There are a lot of mosses, mushrooms and lichens in the area. Additionally, there are a lot of plants, such as viper's-grass, common milkwort, lesser butterfly-orchid and meadow saxifrage, on the places in the reserve which are more open. Notteryd is also the home of numerous insects, such as smokey moths, Amanda's blue and large white-faced darter. When it comes to birds, osprey, Black-throated diver, Eurasian Pygmy Owl, Black Woodpecker and crested tit are some of the species that live in the area. There are several barbecue places in the reserve and also walking paths, such as the hiking trail Sigfridsleden, which goes through the reserve.

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