Bicycle tour Måndagsrundan, 57 km

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Måndagsrundan, which means the Monday tour, is a popular country road-tour in Växjö, and if you want to get really exhausted from biking, this could be the tour you are looking for.

If you are visiting Växjö during the summer, and want company while biking, people gather at the main square Stortorget 18:00 every Monday evening. You can bike it alone if you want to, of course.

From the center of the city, the tour goes past Högstorp, Hollstorp, Hemmesjö, Billa and Tegnaby, then towards Ingelstad and Tävelsås. After that, the tour goes back to Växjö through Osaby, Dänningelanda and Bergunda.

Photo: Daniel Evaldsson

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