Biking on trails: The nature reserve tour

Address: Fylleryd Naturreservat, 355 92 Växjö Show map

Address: Fylleryd Naturreservat, 355 92 Växjö

Try a long tour through three different nature reserves.

Life on two wheels can be very different. Apart from the flat asphalt, Växjö has loads of fantastic biking trails, ready to be discovered by those who like either technical biking, the smell of nature or just playgrounds near the city for adult bikers.

A long bike tour with a lot of elevation, that is what you can find in the nature reserves Fylleryd, Norreryd and Bökeskogen. In Fylleryd, there are various combinations of trails to bike on. However, do not bike on the illuminated skitrack, since it is prohibited. Choose trails near it or take the Växjö Runt-trail. A couple of miles of driving to the east takes you to the nature reserve Notteryd where you can bike on tricky trails by the lake Toftasjön, but also along fast paths along the east part of the lake Lövsjön. In the southern part of Lövsjön, you can find the Bökeskogen. There you can bike a few kilometers on a nice, fast trail, which will give you both tired legs and new, delightful experiences of trail biking.

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Photo: Jonas Ljungdahl

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