Swimming on open waters: Toftasjön

Address: Skidsvängen, 352 49 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Skidsvängen, 352 49 VÄXJÖ

You can swin across the lake from Toftasjön's bathing place.

In the city district Sandbro in the northern part of Växjö, there is one bathing place in each lake, both Helgasjön and Toftasjön. From the bathing place of Toftasjön you can swim across the lake to the other side. That is about 700 meter. Take a break on the shore in the nature reserve Notteryd and then swim back again. This part of Toftasjön does not have a lot of boat traffic, but make sure to be visible.

The bathing season in Sweden may be short, but the season for swimming on open waters is longer. In a wetsuit in a short or long model, you can exercise in the lakes in Växjö from May to September. It is a lovely sense of freedom to leave the bottom-lines of the swimmingpools and swim in freshwater.

Remember: It is important NOT TO SWIM ALONE. Bring a friend who can join you so you can help each other if anything would happen. If you cannot have someone with you in the water, then have someone sitting on the beach as a bathing guard, to whom you can signal if there is a problem. Inform someone that you are going swimming and how long. If you wear a swimming cap in a bright color, it is easier to spot you.

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