Växjö Art Site

Address: Strandvägen 1, 352 34 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Strandvägen 1, 352 34 VÄXJÖ

Växjö Art Site can be found around Växjösjön.

The works of art are voted for and chosen by the residents of Växjö. Today Växjö Art Site consists of:
Durus & Mollis, Monika Gora (2008)
Spegelbollen, Inges Idee (2010) (which can be translated to "the mirror ball")
Drinking tree, Anna Karin Arvidsson (2011)
In the shade of the sun, Roland Persson (2012)
Alla är, Torbjörn Johansson (2015) (which can be translated to "everyone is")

Prior to every new stage of Växjö Art Site, three artists are invited to present a piece for the competition. The works of art are judged by an expert jury, to ensure the artistic quality. The residents of Växjö then vote for the winning piece.
In the app "Offentlig Konst in Växjö", you can follow the Art Site on a map and read more about the works of art (in Swedish only). There is also a web version of the app for those who want to explore the art by computer.

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