Playground: The World of Linné

Address: Linnégatan 1, 352 33 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Linnégatan 1, 352 33 VÄXJÖ

The theme playground "The World of Linné " is located in the Linnéparken.

In the park Linnéparken next to the cathedral you find the theme playground The World of Linné. The design is inspired from Carl von Linné, a botanist born in the 18th century, also known as “The Flower King”.

The playground has giant blueberries, insects and plants. There is a miniature of a garden pavilion which was built on Carl von Linné’s estate Hammarby close to Uppsala. In the miniature pavilion you see pictures on different flowers and outside of the pavilion 18th century characters are standing.

The playground has a flower castle, made of furniture in 18th century style that children can crawl and climb inside. There is also a slide.

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