Växjö Padelcenter

Address: Grusåsvägen 5, 352 45 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Grusåsvägen 5, 352 45 VÄXJÖ

Växjö padelcenter has both practice and competitions.

In 1974 Alfonso de Hohenlohe Enrique Corcuera travelled to Mexico to visit a friend and during his stay he got interested in a new sport his friend had created.The court had two 3-meter-long walls turned against each other, one net in the middle and a net wall along the sides. The game was played with wooden paddles and hence became known as “Padel”. On the 25th of July 1991 the International Federation of Padel was grounded, their purpose being to expand the game of Padel by arranging international games. A certain set of rules were established for these international games. The first World Padel EM was played in 1992. 11 countries competed from America and Europe.

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