Nature reserve Araby

Address: Araby Naturreservat, 352 60 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Araby Naturreservat, 352 60 VÄXJÖ

Nature reserve with broadleaved deciduous forests near the lake.

This reseve includes almost everything: deciduous forests, hills, traces from an old garden and a rich birdlife. Additionally, you can find a marsh, a mowed field and two islands!

The nature reserve was founded in 1971 and this is really nature with the city around the corner. We have an illuminated track, golf course, restaurants and much more. Some of the tree species you can find here are oak, beech, hazel and ash. A manor was situated here earlier, and therefore you can find traces of an old garden in the area. First and foremost, the bird life in this area is very rich and you might be lucky enough to spot a tyro.

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