Nature reserve Asa

Address: Asa Naturrserervat, 360 30 LAMMHULT Show map

Address: Asa Naturrserervat, 360 30 LAMMHULT

A nature reserve with many different types of mushrooms.

You can find both peat soil, wetland forests and coniferous forests in the nature reserve of Asa. The area has both usual and unusual types of mushrooms.

Asa nature reserve was protected as early as 1956, as a domain reserve, but it was later made into a nature reserve in 1996. One part of the forest is managed and one part has a lot of dead wood, which benefits the insects that live there. You can take a short walk through the area, and maybe you will hear some noises from the birds. Sometimes, you can even hear Tengmalm's owl here.

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