Nature reserve Fiolenområdet

Address: Aneboda Kyrka, 360 30 LAMMHULT Show map

Address: Aneboda Kyrka, 360 30 LAMMHULT

A nature reserve which is interesting internationally.

This nature reserve has the lake Fiolen, which is remarkable since it is nutrient-poor oligotrophic lake, with very clear water, since it has not been damaged by the agriculture. Apart from the lake, there are also marshes, bogs, swamps and coniferous forests. The flora is also special here and you might be able to spot a crane here.

The reserve was founded around the shift of the millennia and was extended in 2008. The variation of flora and fauna is large in the area, since the reserve includes so many different kinds of nature. Examples of plants in the area are the flesh eating plant sundew, tussock wool and bog asphodel. There is also an old coniferous forest in Fiolenområdet, which has trees as old as 130 years old.

The combination of the clear lake, the marshes and the old forest makes Fiolenområdet interesting internationally, and it is well worth a visit.

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