Nature reserve Kråketorpsskogen

Address: Loftsryd, 360 30 LAMMHULT Show map

Address: Loftsryd, 360 30 LAMMHULT

A nature reserve with focus on the forest.

The storm Gudrun in 2005 fell many trees in this area, and therefore, it is a perfect place to visit if you want to see what happens to the nature afterwards. There are lichen, moss, animals, birds and mushrooms in Kråketorpsskogen. There is also a hiking path, which takes two hours to complete. You can park your car on two locations; on the eastern and the western side of the reserve.

If you are interested in birds, then this is the perfect reserve for you. The birds you can spot here are, among many other, Western Capercaillie, Eurasian Pygmy owl, Tengmalm's owl, woodpeckers, crane and Black Grouse. When it comes to other animals, you might be lucky enough to spot an elk, a fox or an otter, which by the way is the provincial animal of Småland. Blueberries and heather grow on the ground, and also moss, among the conifer trees with old lichen on them. A hidden gem in the reserve is the lake Skärgöl. There is a bench for you to sit down on here, so you can fantasize about trolls and goblins, after walking along hilly paths. The reserve was founded in 1993 and apart from the coniferous forest, there are also deciduous trees here such as aspen trees and birch. The river Musterydsån flows in Kråketorpsskogen and wetland forests and marshes have been formed along its sides. The nature reserve also includes a lot of old growth forest which makes Kråketorpsskogen special and well worth a visit if you are interested in nature. The reserve is also part of Natura 2000.

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