Nature reserve Lunden

Address: Drevs gamla kyrka, 360 42 BRAÅS Show map

Address: Drevs gamla kyrka, 360 42 BRAÅS

A nature reserve with both a rich birdlife and cultural traces.

The birdlife in the nature reserve Lunden is rich, because it is situated by a lake and the area has a lot of insects, which the birds gladly feed on. This area has both old broad-leaved deciduous trees and other deciduous trees in the forests. You can also find meadows, fields and marshes here, and even a burial site from the bronze age.

Lunden has been a nature reserve since 2011. If you are interested in deciduous forests, then this is the reserve for you. That is because there are thick lime trees, elm trees, ashes, aspen trees and even 300 year old oak trees. The lands have been farmed here for a long time, and therefore, you can find traces of grazing and mowing. Some examples of traces of people in the area are the foundations of some old cottages, a bridge over the river Mörrumsån and a burial site from the bronze age. Since there are a lot of old trees in the area, both insects and lichen thrive, and there are also numerous birds here, such as Spotted Nutcracker, Eurasian Wryneck, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, tyro, Black Grouse, Whooper swan, common teal, crane, Gray Wagtail, Great Bittern, Water Rail and Eurasian Hobby. So there are both birds who live in the forest and in water, and that is because the nature reserve of Lunden is situated by lake Drevsjön. Some of the birds like to hide among the reeds so sometimes it is easier to hear them than to spot them. The provincial animal of Småland, the otter, also lives in the area. When it comes to insects, one of the species you can find in Lunden is Cardinal Click Beetle. During spring time, the area is covered in wood anemones. If you are interested in plants, you could look at all the mowed meadows and the flowers there, such as wolf's bane, viper's-grass, common milkwort, heath spotted-orchid, greater butterfly-orchid, heath grass, matgrass and maiden pink.

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