Växjö art gallery

Address: Västra Esplanaden 10, 351 12 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Västra Esplanaden 10, 351 12 VÄXJÖ

The art gallery shows exhibitions of Swedish and international artists.

Over and above the exhibitions the gallery has a wide ranging program of events, with cultural evenings, lectures, concerts, workshops and happenings.

The art in Växjö art gallery is contemporary, and the purpose is to be up to date and show border-crossing art. They have two rooms for exhibitions. Sometimes, they arrange a so called art lab, where you can try different types of art, both for children and adults. The admission is always free to the own happenings and exhibitions that Växjö art gallery have. For more information, please visit www.vaxjo.se.

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    +46 (0)470-41475
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    Västra Esplanaden 10
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    351 12 VÄXJÖ
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    Free entrance