Bergkvara slottsruin - The castle ruin Bergkvara

Address: Bergkvara, 355 93 Växjö Show map

Address: Bergkvara, 355 93 Växjö

Bergkvara castle ruin is an ancient manor house built in the 1470s. It is one of the largest manors that existed in the Nordic countries. Around the year 1500, up to 1500 yards belonged to the manor. Originally, the castle had six floors and four hanging side towers.

During the uprisings around the resistance fighter Nils Dacke in 1542 the castle was violated by battles at Bergkvara. In the following years, the manor switched owner a couple of times. In the 17th century, the castle started to decay and has been a ruin ever since. A new main house was built next to the old ruin in 1780. It is framde by a park, the lake and an avenue. Maps over allowed walking routes are available at the avenue.

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