The old church in Dädesjö

Address: Dädesjö gamla kyrka, 360 42 Braås Show map

Address: Dädesjö gamla kyrka, 360 42 Braås

The medieval church is painted with white chalk color and has outstanding paintings from the 13th century on the walls and the ceiling. The pictures depict the legend of the martyr St Stephan whose day is celebrated on December 26. A new church was build 1794, so that the old building was used as a granary. However, today, the old church is considered one of the best preserved medieval churches of Sweden.

The ecclesiastical surroundings in Dädesjö are of national cultural interest, consisting of two churches, two presbyteries, parish hall and church stables. The old church at Dädesjö is especially known for its special wall- and ceiling paintings from the 13th century. These are unique and have even attracted international attention.

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