The old church in Jät

Address: Jät stommen 2, 362 52 JÄT Show map

Address: Jät stommen 2, 362 52 JÄT

The well-preserved medieval church dates back to the 12th and 13th century. The vestry contains paintings from the 18th century. The weapon house was built in 1796.

A tomb chamber is situated underneath the choir, with ten more and less well-preserved coffins. They contain the remains of the families who owned Helgåkra manor and Jätsberg. You can find names such as Boije, von Dobrikowsky, Uggla, Rudebäck and Gyllenskog. Moreover, there is said to be a female mummy called miss Oakwood ("Fröken Eketrä" in Swedish). There is a legend about Miss Eketrä, who was buried in the crypt. When they opened her grave several centuries later, her body was as well preserved as the day she died. The church was decommissioned in 1910, when Jät's new church was readily build, but it was later restored during the 1950's and 60's. Nowadays, it is used for service during the summer time.

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