Singoalla's Cave

Address: Hultaklint Lädja, 36030 LAMMHULT Show map

Address: Hultaklint Lädja, 36030 LAMMHULT

Underneath the hill of Hultaklint, by Lädja north of Berg, you can find the cave of Singoalla.

A ten meter long shaft in the mountain plateau, covered with a stone on the top, makes out the cave and its narrow path. The path is open in both ends and has seat hight at its narrowest point.

The mountain Hultaklint is 290 meters above see-level high and has a view in three cardinal points with up to 5 miles reach. This is also the setting of Viktor Rydberg's tragic love story between the knight Erland Månesköld and his gypsy love Singoalla. When Rydberg was young, he worked as a private tutor at Berg Manor, and was fascinated by the cave and its romantic location.

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