Sjösås old church

Address: Sjösåsvägen 48, 360 42 BRAÅS Show map

Address: Sjösåsvägen 48, 360 42 BRAÅS

A small and beutiful stone church by the Braås open air museum and Lake Örken. The church is from the 15th century but has remnants, such as the 13th century sacristy, from an earlier wooden church. The
church depicts different eras and art forms.

Earlier, there probably was a stave church where the church stands today. The church has been rebuilt several times, and the church we can see today was renovated in the 18th century. Just like with many other small churches on the countryside, Tegnér found them too small. Therefore, a new church was built, which lead to the decommission of Sjösås old church during the 1860's. The local history society took care of the the old church, which was restored during the 1940's.

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