Nature Reserve Dragsåsen

Address: Dragsåsens Naturreservat, 352 50 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Dragsåsens Naturreservat, 352 50 VÄXJÖ

Dragsåsen is a ridge in the northern part of Öjaby consisting of an isthmus and several islands in the part of Bergundaåsen, which was formed by the retreating glaciers during the end of the Ice Age som 10 000 years ago.

The ridge and the islands have a mixture of deciduous and conifer forests. On the lowlands and more humid parts you can find sweetgale, bog-bilberry, garden loosestrife and purple moor-grass. The ridge is situated in north-south direction on the western shore of Helgasjön (the Helga lake). It has a small peak and steep edges and there is a path on the top of the ridge. Further down south you can find the ridge as islands in Öjabyviken (Öjaby bay) and in Norra och Södra Bergundasjöarna (The northern and southern Bergundalakes).

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