Nature reserve Hissö

Address: Hissö Naturreservat, 352 63 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Hissö Naturreservat, 352 63 VÄXJÖ

Further north on the Kronoberg Peninsula, there is a bridge leading to Hissö.

Hissö is richer in vegetation than any of the other islands in Lake Helgasjön. On the eastern side of the island, down by the beach of Helgasjön, you can find the small nature reserve Hissö.

The nature reserve includes a 150-200 year old beech forest and the reserve was founded as early as in 1944. Conifer trees dominate on Hissö, however, deciduous forests spread out more and more due to directional felling. There are some broadleaved deciduous forest-parts with a lot of beech and some oak, but also maple trees, rowan and aspen trees. There are a lot of moss, lichens and mushrooms here and insects thrive in the area. Additionally, there are birds such as Tawny owl, osprey, Black-throated diver, common sandpiper, Black Woodpecker, grosbeak, Wood Warbler and chiffchaff here, but also bats. Along the island's beaches there are several places prepared for barbecue and loos. In the northern part, there are two bathings places for dogs and a bridge over to the island Musön. There is also a walking trail.

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