Nature Reserve Helgö

Address: Helgö Naturreservat, 352 63 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Helgö Naturreservat, 352 63 VÄXJÖ

Helgö is the largest island in Lake Helgasjön.

The eastern half is a nature reserve together with the water and islands nearby. The island consists of protected beech forest and also some aspen and birch. The nature varies with for example a pine bog, beech forests and mixed conifer forests. You can find different species of moss and lichen and a rich bird life.

Helgö has a rich cultural history, with fields, pasturelands and ancient remains. There are a lot of cairns and laying of setts, which probably are old graves. In some places, you can find traces of cist graves. In areas with fossil fields with hundreds of clearance cairns, there are wells in stones, probably carved out by humans.
There are a lot of paths on Helgö.

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