Nature Reserve Osaby

Address: Osaby Naturreservat, 355 95 VEDERSLÖV Show map

Address: Osaby Naturreservat, 355 95 VEDERSLÖV

Osaby Nature Reserve is located south of Växjö, on the eastern side of Lake Vederslövssjön. All the pasturelands and 130 ha of the forest on Osaby is a nature reserve. Pleasant paths go from the car park to the reserve.

Osaby farm covers 520 hectares and parts of it are a nature reserve. Around the farm there is both cultivated and pasture land with large oak trees. The forest is dominated by spruce.
The grounds are managed in an ecologically sustainable way and the purpose is to protect historical traces of cultivation and also the biodiversity. One half of the protected forest is managed in a nature conservative way, while the other half can grow freely. In the reserve, you can find both conifer and deciduous forests, hayfields, meadows with oaks, shore meadows and marshes. There is also a rich bird life.

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