Biking: Tävelsåsrundan, 40 km

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 VÄXJÖ

A biking tour with beautiful nature and nice churches.

The tour passes the following places/ villages: Tävelsås - Stenslands - V. Nöbbele - "Åsnen Runt" route to Lidhem - Jät - Kullen - Kalvsvik - Osaby - Tävelsås

This tour starts at Tävelsås church, 15 km south of Växjö. The church is beautifully situated next to the lake and on the cemetery, you can find old tomb stones belonging to the family Hederstierna, who have ment a lot for the neighborhood.

At Stjernvik, which you soon bike past, there are traces of events from the 18th century that took place in the King's house. You bike in southern direction through the village Stenslanda and on to the old road Växjövägen towards Djura Nöbbele V. The path is situated between old agriculture landscapes with meadows and pasture lands, surrounded by beautiful, mossy stone fences. The tour then continues on, on a resigned, old railway and past the streaming river Aggaån. It flows broadly through a flourishing oasis, beautiful! When you bike through the parkway, you can se Lindhem's manor. It is a beautiful building from the 15th century. The neighborhood around Jät is classified as national interest, with its old arched bridge and the medieval church from the 13th century, with its beautiful paintings.

A brochure in Swedish with a map enclosed is for sale at Växjö Touristcenter, please contact us for more information.

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