Biking: Bergrundan, 35 km

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 Växjö Show map

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 Växjö

On this biking tour, you get to know more about the author Elin Wägner.

The tour passes the following villages: Berg - Lädja - Långsryd - Lönsås - Asa - Tolg - Berg

This bike tour starts at the church in Berg. Just like the bicycle tour Åbyrundan, Bergrundan has the author Elin Wägner, her home and history, as a focus. When you have enjoyed the beautiful surroundings here, you journey on towards Lädja and Asa by the northern part of the lake Asasjön.

On the road to the villages, you can experience fine natur, enjoy glittering lakes and small houses and cottages, which are typical for this part of Sweden. Some of the cottages are open to visit. By the edge of the lake Klintsjön, you can find the cave of Singoalla. Here, you can fantasize about the gypsy girl Singoalla and her lover, the knight Månesköld (which means Moonshield) and their children. The old, beautiful, small houses in the village Rösås are also worth a visit, and you can also find glass design here.

The neighborhood around Asa is old; it was first mentioned as early as 1322. Many families have given the neighborhood exciting stories and destinies of life. However, that Asa was a place for retreat for german warlords during the Interwar years, might be less known to public. Asa is also the center for research about forestry in southern Sweden.

A brochure in Swedish with a map enclosed is for sale at Växjö Touristcenter, please contact us for more information.

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