Biking: Toftasjön runt, 20 km

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 VÄXJÖ Show map

Address: Kronobergsgatan 7, 352 33 VÄXJÖ

A biking tour where you can eat Swedish fika by the lake.

The tour passes the following villages/ places: Växjö - Sandsbro - Tofta - Notteryd - Sandsbro - Växjö

The bike tour starts in Växjö and you follow the road with signs towards Sandsbro, situated between two lakes, Helgasjön and Toftasjön. Sandsbro and the neighborhood around Toftasjön has multifaceted cultural history which have contributed to the development of the neighborhood.

Two persons who have connections to the neigborhood are the singer Christina Nilsson and the industrial man Johannes Svahn, who have both lived at Villa Vik. If you follow the biking trail north through the somewhat hilly landscape, through deciduous forests, fields and meadows, you soon see Tofta Sjögård next to the lake Toftasjön, one of the farms that belonged to Svahn.

After taking a turn onto the road Vikensvedvägen and enjoying the serenity of this road towards Nattered, you come to an area with a lot of history, about both the nature and the grounds, but also about the people who lived here during the 19th and 20th century.

A brochure in Swedish with a map enclosed is for sale at Växjö Turistbyrå, please contact us for more information.

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