Nature reserve Sjösås Äng

Address: Sjösås äng Naturreservat, 360 42 BRAÅS Show map

Address: Sjösås äng Naturreservat, 360 42 BRAÅS

In Braås, you find the nature reserve Sjösås Äng, which has a long history of cultivation.

Sjösås meadow nature reserve, the local heritage park and the medieval church, all in Braås, constitute interesting destinations for excursions. The reserve lies to the south and east of the church. In the reserve, there is a beautiful path through various types of nature. The area has a long history of cultivation.

The area is rich in flora with over 250 plant species, 100 types of mosses and 80 types of lichen. The area also has a long farming history and paths make it easily accessible, even for people with prams.

Two areas in the reserve are still managed today, as a hayfield. Here you can find numerous typical meadow species, such as devil's-bit, melancholy thistle, ox-eye daisy, wolf's bane, common milkwort and common rock-rose. The eastern meadow has also a lot if old trees. You can find both very old, hollow lime trees, which have been trimmed during a long time, and also hazel, aspen trees and unusually thick and tall oaks. When it comes to birds, there is a chance of hearing for example tyro, wryneck and common starling in the nature reserve Sjösås äng. There are also some walking trails which you can follow through the reserve.

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