Swedish rag rugs

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Address: Bergshem, Berg, 363 94 LAMMHULT

A trasmatta is a traditional, handwoven Swedish rag rug. These rugs are very much a part of Swedish culture heritage. For hundreds of years, rag rugs have adorned the wooden floors of all kinds of homes in Sweden: cottages, farm houses and manor houses, in kitchens and drawing rooms alike.

The rugs are woven from strips of cloth cut from the material that was available in the household at the time. This would have included old clothing, sheets, windows dressings and furniture covers. Recycling at its best. The rugs from SVENSKA TRASMATTOR come in a variety of traditional designs, colors and sizes that have been woven on floor looms by women over many generations. SVENSKA TRASMATTOR is committed to the preservation of traditional skills.The rugs that we sell were created for both everyday use and special occasions. At our exhibition you can see more than 150 rugs from the last 125 years. You can also buy your own, unique rug from our shop.

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