To do in Växjö - 15 matches

Barbecue place at the western Åsa forest

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Activities, Other, Hiking/Walking A nice and newly renovated barbecue place at Helgö nature reserve.

Biking: Trummen Runt, 3 km

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Activities, Cycling, Hiking/Walking Trummen Runt is a 3 km long bicycle track leading through the nature by the lakeshore.

Escape Game - Inlåst (Locked up)

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Adventure course Up for a challenge? We give you sixty minutes and a locked room full of problem solving.

Hiking: Araby hiking trail and illuminated trail

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Activities, Hiking/Walking A level trail, accessible and close to the lake.

Hiking: Åsslingan

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Activities, Hiking/Walking A 6 km hike between Evedal and the castle ruin Kronoberg.

Hiking: Evedalsslingan

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Activities, Hiking/Walking Hike through the nature reservat Evedalsåsen on a 3 km trail.

Hiking: Hike in forests with Western Capercaillie

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Hiking/Walking On an early spring morning, you could spot a Black Grouse here.

Hiking: Hike on the Helgö trail

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Activities, Hiking/Walking A 7 km hike leading through the whole nature reservat.

Hiking: Hike on the Notteryd trail

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Activities, Hiking/Walking In Notteryd nature reserve it feels like the city is miles away - even though Växjö is just around the corner.

Hiking: Hiking along the Jätafjord

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Hiking/Walking, Activities A nice hiking trails begins at Jät’s swimming area.

Hiking: Hissöslingan

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Activities, Hiking/Walking A hiking trail on the greenest island in lake Helgasjön, 5,3 km.

Hiking: Kalvsvik’s walking trail

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Hiking/Walking The hiking trail in Kalvsvik has both nature and cultural experiences.

Hiking: Sigfridsleden

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Hiking/Walking Sigfridsleden is one of many trails that go through Småland.

Hiking: Walk through the creation story

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Hiking/Walking Two marked trails at Osaby nature reserve.

The skate park at Spetsamossen

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Adventure course Växjö skate park is situated in the center of the city.

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